There are three admission deadlines each year: November 15, January 15 and April 15. We have now added a fourth deadline of June 1 for US citizens only since they don’t need to apply for the first study visa.
In order to enroll in the IM program, you must make sure you meet the program’s admission requirements before completing your application. These requirements include taking

The admission process consists of two phases.


  • Submission to HEC Montréal of an application for admission before the deadline.
  • Submission of the required documents and fees, as follows (please do NOT staple your documents):
  • the completed application form
  • two certified true copies of your official transcripts, issued by the postsecondary institutions you attended and confirming that you have earned an undergraduate diploma; if you are in the process of obtaining your diploma, you must agree to provide proof of having earned it one semester before the start of the IM program*
  • a photocopy of your degrees attesting to your previous university studies*
  • your curriculum vitae
  • a certified copy of your birth certificate
  • your official GMAT or GRE or TAGE-MAGE results (the GMAT and the GRE test results must be transmitted directly to HEC Montréal by Pearson Vue and by ETS; candidates who have taken the TAGE-MAGE test at a location other than HEC Montréal must make sure to allow HEC Montréal to access their results)
  • your official TOEFL or IELTS results (if applicable)
  • two letters of recommendation, written in French, English or Italian (applicants must not see the content of the letters of recommendation)
  • three short written statements (short essays) on the appropriate forms, in English:
    • Essay 1: Choice of the Master’s and contribution to the class (please cover each subject: How did you come to the decision to pursue an arts management graduate degree? Why are you interested in this specific Master’s? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your leadership skills? Are there specific skills you wish to develop or enhance? What is your management experience? How do you plan to contribute to the master in International Arts Management group?)
    • Essay 2: Post-Master’s impact (please cover each subject: What are your post-graduate career goals? How will a graduate degree from this program help you in your professional development? How do you plan to make an impact on the arts community? How specifically would your graduate education help you do so?)
    • Essay 3: Final project (What is your proposal for a final project? You will have the option of changing your final project in the course of the program)
  • 2 passport-size photos with a white background, signed on the back
  • a copy of your passport (information page with photo only)
  • a cheque for US $100 (non-refundable), made out to HEC Montréal, to cover the processing fee

Following the committee’s decision, a written notice of confirmation or refusal of admission will be sent to you within a reasonable period. The committee’s decision will be final.

*For any document not written in French or English, we require an official translation certified by:


In some cases, the confirmation of admission will be conditional upon presentation, by the prescribed deadline, of official documents or proof of the degree, diploma or certificate supporting your application for admission.

Admission to the IM program is valid only for the academic year for which you applied (not for any future academic year).

Following acceptance of your application, you must do the following, by the prescribed deadlines:

HEC Montréal, SMU Dallas and SDA Bocconi, Milan, are under no obligation to accept all eligible candidates. Some eligible candidates may be placed on a waiting list.

No course equivalencies or exemptions will be granted for the courses in the IM program.


You must submit your application form by mail or online to HEC Montréal.

  • By mail: no later than on the registration deadline (see address below).
  • Online: no later than 23:59, local time, on the day of the registration deadline at [email protected] However, we recommend that you allow for a margin of safety in the event of a power outage or an Internet connection problem. The original documents supporting your online application must be shipped, together with a printed copy of the completed application form, no later than the business day following the registration deadline.

These documents can also be submitted in person. The following address must be used for postal/courier shipments:

Master in International Arts Management
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Suite 4.363
Montréal, Quebec
H3T 2A7

Admission is an on-going process so we encourage you to submit early. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


  • Application deadlines: November 15, January 15 and April 15. Additional deadline for US citizens only: June 1
  • First selection for interviews: anytime
  • Final decision: anytime before next deadline
  • Confirmation letter and non-refundable deposit: prescribed deadline
  • Receipt of final required documents: prescribed deadline
  • E-mail notification of admission for applicants on the waiting list: May 1