Visas, work permits, health insurance


All IM students must obtain all of the authorizations required by the three countries in which they will be studying.


SMU’s International Office website provides extensive information for International Students . Here you will find information on immigration and visa forms, pre-arrival information, health insurance and local travel.  You will need to apply for and obtain an F-1 Visa.

Health insurance: mandatory health insurance must be purchased through SMU for Fall 2018. The fee is US $1110 and covers students from August 10 – December 31, 2018 (price subject to change). In December, students must notify the Health Center to cancel insurance coverage.


If you are an international student wishing to study in Quebec, you must meet certain requirements of the Government of Quebec, in addition to those of the Government of Canada. Generally, you must first obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (Certificat d’acceptation du Québec – CAQ), followed by a Student Authorization. In some cases, an entry visa issued by the Government of Canada will be required. These authorizations to enter and stay in the country must be obtained before the student’s arrival in Canada.

After receiving an official admission offer, you must contact the Quebec government authorities and the Canadian diplomatic mission in your territory of residence. You will be required to prove that you have been accepted for admission and that you have the necessary financial resources. For information on how to obtain the necessary immigration documents, follow this link.

For an overview of how to prepare for your departure, please visit HEC’s Student Services‘s Web site. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME DETAILS MAY NOT APPLY TO THE MMIAM PROGRAM (i.e. some fees, exemptions, dates for arrival and departure, etc.).

Health insurance: If you are not eligible for an exemption, HEC will buy a health insurance for you. The fee of CAD $355 will be charged with your first deposit. Follow the link for details on the health insurance.


Do I need a visa to enter Italy as a student?

If you are from a non-European Union country, you must apply to the Italian consulate/embassy in your country for a student visa to enter Italy.

For an overview of how to prepare for your departure (if you are a non-EU student), please visit Bocconi University’s Web site. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME DETAILS MAY NOT APPLY TO THE MMIAM PROGRAM.

For general information on entry visa for Italy, visit the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is the Permit to Stay?

The Permit to Stay (Permesso di soggiorno) is a document that allows you to reside, work or study in Italy for more than 90 days. It must be obtained by all non-EU citizens and you have to apply for it within the first 8 days after arriving in Italy. Details here.

What about health insurance?

Here is what Bocconi’s website writes about health insurance (see this page):

Health Insurance Coverage is required in order to obtain a permit of stay in Italy. If you have a private health insurance policy, you must have a certificate in English specifying the starting and ending dates of the coverage with international validity. If you are not insured, upon your arrival in Italy, you will need to purchase INA ASSITALIA insurance (please note that this will only cover expenses in the event of emergency treatment and / or urgent hospitalization. For further information call 06-361.1676.
INA ASSITALIA: Payment for the Insurance Coverage must be made at the Post Office (ask for a payment form bollettino di pagamento). Fill out the form: Account Number 71270003, addressed to: INA-ASSITALIA Agenzia Generale di Roma c. n°20, write your name, last name and address in Italy.
Cost: € 49,00 for 6 month coverage or € 98,00 for 12 month coverage (2016 prices).


If a campus abroad is confirmed, you will be informed of the destination and of the procedure for obtaining the necessary authorizations.