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Arts Entrepreneurship Is More Important Now Than Ever

An Interview with Greg Poggi

Greg Poggi is the Chair and Visiting Professor in Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU Meadows School of the Arts. He oversees the M.A./M.B.A. (MAMBA) in Arts Management, the Arts Management Undergraduate Minor, and is the new director of the MMIAM program in Dallas at SMU. What is your background in the art and …

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The Figure of the Cultural Entrepreneur

A Political Construct (Abridged)

The article is intended to contribute to our understanding of this concept by contextualizing the figure of the cultural entrepreneur. It seeks to examine the ideological and economic context of the concept of entrepreneurship. It is guided by two questions: “Is cultural entrepreneurship something other than a political or institutional injunction?” and “What are the …

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The Science of Streaming Latin America:

An Interview with Diego Burgos

Diego works as a music editor and content manager of Latin music at Deezer. He manages Latin music flagship playlists worldwide and the music content offer for Andean countries in Deezer (Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela). Also, he leads the editorial strategy for Latin music in the US, Mexico, Central America, Andean region and South …

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A Tale of Two Cultures:

An Interview with Laura Adlers

After working as a professional arts manager for over 20 years, Laura Adlers joined the second cohort of the MMIAM program and graduated in 2015. She was recently named Interim Executive Director of both The Elora Festival and The Elora Singers in Canada. Laura was previously the Editor of the MMIAM Journey Blog. What was …

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