Campus life in Milan

SDA Bocconi School of Management

Details about the campus

Where is SDA Bocconi?

SDA Bocconi School of Management
8 Via Bocconi
20136 Milan
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What are the available facilities?

In short, there are a gym, bookstore, several cafeterias and restaurants on and off the Bocconi University campus.

Participants in the master’s program have access to the Bocconi Library, one of the largest business and management libraries in the world with over 700,000 volumes and more than 6,500 periodical titles.

The facilities also include the Language Centre, which allows students to develop their language skills in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Italian, with levels ranging from beginners to advanced.


If SDA Bocconi offers on-campus housing (information to come), it will not be included in the tuition fees. We estimate the housing fee in Milan to US $5,000.

Living in Milan

What is the average cost of living in Milan?

Like all major European cities, Milan is expensive. You can obtain information on the cost of living in Milan on the website. Although the information is not gathered in a scientific manner, it gives you a general idea of the cost of living in this city. The benchmark used (100) is New York.

However, we estimate the Food and transportation (bus pass) in Milan to US $3,000.

What is the weather like in Milan?

Milan has a spectacular climate. The weather is most pleasant in spring and fall, although it can be rainy at times. Milan is inland and there are extreme differences between winter and summer. The winters can be very cold, particularly in December and January (between 0°C and 10°C, occasionally dropping to -5C, with some snow), while summers can be quite hot, particularly in July and August (up to 30°C). The hours of sunshine in Milan are in line with the Mediterranean average. All details here.

The Milan session will be held from April to July.

Does my country have a consulate in Milan, and where is it located?

A complete list of embassies and consulates in Italy is available at Many countries maintain consulates in Milan.

What are the official holidays in Milan?

You can find information about national and municipal holidays in Italy here.