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Storia di Qu, September 24 and 25, 2014 at the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato, Milan (credit: M. Alessi with the permission of la Fondazione Milano.

It’s a Matter of Attention: The Marketing of Theatres in the Age of Social Media (Abridged)

In these hard times, many theatres are being confronted with a scarcity of resources. Competition is fierce for all kinds of resources, cross-elasticity of entertainment demands is high and spending review is affecting public budgets. Consequently, theatres must be flexible in their marketing in order to maximize and diversify their revenues. It is therefore essential …

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An International Perspective on Managing a Career as a Woman Composer (Abridged)

The study draws on qualitative and some quantitative data derived from the survey responses of 225 women composers internationally. The study makes three contributions to the body of knowledge on the careers and career trajectories of women composers. First, it enhances our understanding of this under studied population by examining how the women work, how …

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Laura Adlers, MMIAM editor until 2019

Welcome to the MMIAM Journey

Shining a Spotlight on the Business of the Arts

They may specialize in one of the disciplines of not-for-profit management: marketing and publicity; fundraising and development; volunteer management; project and event management; program development; or community and stakeholder relations — or they may be generalists who are involved in all aspects of arts management. Some arts managers are artists themselves, and still others are …

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