The MMIAM Journey

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in International Arts Management program

Differentiation Through the Over-Experientialization of Cultural Offers

The Case of Contemporary Music Festivals (Abridged)

Introduction Festivals, which are unique opportunities for leisure, social and cultural experiences (Cole and Chancellor 2009; Getz 2005), may be the perfect example of products sought by contemporary consumers in their quest for immersion through varied experiences so as to give multiple meanings to their lives (Firat and Dholakia 1998). The contemporary music sector has …

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Towards an Integrative Framework for Arts Governance (Abridged)

Globally, governments have been calling on arts organizations to review governance, ensuring that it is a central mechanism in the sector (e.g., Nugent 1999, 2016; Paulus and Lejeune 2013) to aid sustainability, especially if arts organizations are to receive ongoing public funding (Paulus and Lejeune 2013). At the same time, there has been growing recognition …

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Inside and Outside the Boardroom

Collaborative Practices in the Performing Arts Sector (Abridged)

Arts organizations all over the world today find themselves operating in a climate of change and uncertainty, compelling them to act more strategically, reinvent their governance structure and restructure their business model (Fanelli et al. 2020; Reid and Turbide 2012). The numerous initiatives for improving performance around the world have, however, resulted in very different …

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Welcoming Families to the Museum

Reconsidering Forms of Cultural Mediation for Parent/Child Autonomous Visits (Abridged)

A majority of French local museums are coping with a contrasting situation: school visits are very successful and receive appreciative comments, whereas leisurely family visits are disappointing and damage the image of museums. This damage can be seen especially through online comments such as those found on Tripadvisor and social networks. Most museums have made …

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