The MMIAM Journey

A blog about the Master of Management
in International Arts Management program


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Customer Relationships in Arts Marketing: A Review of Key Dimensions in Delivery by Artistic and Cultural Organizations (Abridged)

by François Colbert and Danilo C. Dantas What do we know about the customer relationship in arts management? What role does relational marketing play in cultural organizations? What are the avenues worth exploring in this field? These are the main questions addressed in this article. There are few fields where the customer relationship is more …

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The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts: Balancing International Reach and Strong Local Roots (Abridged)

by Serge Poisson-de Haro, François Normandin and Emmanuel Coblence While the most renowned art mega-museums located in global cities are characterized by their attendance figures and the wealth of their collections, museums that are of medium size and located in culturally influential cities have also succeeded in making a name for themselves. The Montréal Museum …

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Creating Brand Identity in Art Museums: A Case Study (Abridged)

by Sofia Pusa and Liisa Uusitalo Based on the experience of three modern and contemporary art museums in Helsinki, the authors discuss how to create brand identity in art museums. The combination of marketing and art has long been considered ill matched, according to the assumption that marketing will automatically degrade the inner value and …

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