The Cost and Tuition Fees

Tuition fees and payment schedule

The IM tuition fees are US$45,000* per year.

The fees include

  • travel between Dallas and Montréal, Montréal and Mumbai, Mumbai and Delhi, Delhi and Beijing, and between Beijing and Milan
  • return air travel between Montréal and Bogotá plus the hotel while in Bogotá as well as the transportation to and from the airport
  • hotel and ground transportation in Beijing, Venice and Rome (study tour)
  • 1-year subscription to the International Journal of Arts Management (academic journal) and International Arts Manager (magazine for performing arts practitioners)

The fees DO NOT include

  • compulsory insurance on each campus
  • school books and other pedagogical materials
  • housing
  • food and meals
  • travel between your city and SMU Dallas, and between SDA Bocconi, Milan and your city

As an IM student, you must pay the required fees by cheque made out to HEC Montréal by the established deadlines:

  • a deposit of US $750 for the tuition fees along with the letter of confirmation of enrollment in the program
  • a first instalment of 34% of the remaining tuition no later than September 15
  • a second instalment of 33% of the remaining tuition no later than February 1
  • a third instalment of 33% of the remaining tuition no later than June 1

Tuition fees are non-refundable.

*Please be advised that each institution may have fees that are paid directly to that university for things such as transit pass, parking, sports package upgrades, international student fee, transcript and graduation fee.  You should consult your program administrator if you have any questions about what fees to expect.

Overdue accounts

You are responsible for full payment of the required tuition fees. If your payment is overdue, you cannot be registered in the program. You will not be eligible to receive results, transcripts, an attestation of studies or a diploma. Failure to pay the tuition fees can lead to your exclusion from the program.

Financial assistance (loans and grants)

SMU Meadows School of the Arts, HEC Montreal and SDA Bocconi provide a limited number of tuition scholarships to new students who have been reviewed by the admissions committee and demonstrate the highest level of achievement in their academic and artistic careers. These awards are at different monetary values based upon this evaluation and are contingent upon formal admission to the Universities.

Graduate applicants who wish to apply for tuition scholarships must mention it on the IM program’s application form (check the appropriate option button on p. 4).

Canada offers some grants for non-Canadian students. Browse through the many programs according to your country of origin or check this list.

Canadians who are not residing in Quebec should visit

Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada – but only Québec residents – enrolled as full time students in the MMIAM can apply for the Loans and Bursaries Program. As the MMIAM is a private program, the maximum financial aid a Québec student can get each month is 950 canadian dollars as loans only (amount depends on each student’s situation and is subject to change), for the duration of the program. To apply online, students must click on the “Online Services” link on the  website and follow the instructions. It’s very important that students mention that they will study at HEC Montréal during the three semesters of the MMIAM (fall, winter and summer) even if they will be actually in SMU Dallas (fall semester) and in SDA Bocconi in Milan (summer semester).

  • The code of HEC Montréal to mention in the financial aid application is: 976001
  • The code of MMIAM program to mention in the financial aid application is: 15004