2016-2017 Cohort

Anna Aglietta

Anna Aglietta…from Turin, Italy

Anna Aglietta is an Italian student from Turin. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Bocconi University, in Milan. Satisfied with the analytical skills she gained with her degree, she decided to focus on the arts world after graduating. She has started a two-year master’s in Arts and Culture Management at Bocconi, while she also pursues the MMIAM degree as part of a double-degree program. During 2016 she also collaborated with WOMA, a website compiling reviews on arts exhibitions and events in Milan.

Anna has always been passionate about the arts and literature, which she sees as the deepest expressions of a culture. She is particularly interested in how they can be used to tackle social issues. In fact, she has been involved in many social-issues projects in recent years. She spent a month in a small Bolivian village in the Cordillera Real in the summer of 2013, working in a Catholic mission alongside local kids. In 2015 she became a member of MIA, a Milan non-profit which provides meals and assistance for homeless people. Through her thesis and in her life, she wants to find ways to use artistic and cultural projects to help alleviate social problems.

Mitsuki Amano

Mitsuki Amano…from Sendai, Japan

Born and raised in Japan, Mitsuki Amano is a passionate advocate of arts and culture. Although he has always been a big fan of art, it was only when he experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake in his hometown Sendai that he became interested in the relationship between arts/culture and natural disasters. For his thesis research, he is analyzing how the arts influence affected areas after natural disasters and he hopes to find ways to better utilize the arts to revitalize damaged communities both mentally and economically.

He holds a B.A. in Language and Area Studies with a concentration in English Language and Culture from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, where he also conducted research on Japanese Kabuki theatre in the university’s Japanese History research group.

During his college years, he interned with two Tokyo-based arts organizations: Artfull Action, a nonprofit organization supporting local art activities, and Theatre Company shelf, a small theatre company mostly known for its interpretations of works by Henrik Ibsen. He also worked for two arts festivals after graduation: Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2016 and Setouchi Triennale 2016, the former held in Yokohama, a city close to Tokyo, and the latter held on several islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, traveling, visiting cultural heritage sites, and playing the piano and the flute. He is motivated to gain skills to promote arts and culture through the MMIAM program. His aim is to incorporate these skills to make arts and culture as accessible as possible in his future career so that more people may experience the joy he feels through those activities.

Charles Beavers

Charles Beavers…from Fort Worth (TX), USA

Charles Beavers was born in Fort Worth, Texas and spent much of his childhood in California before returning to Texas. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014. While at school, he worked with the Irving Arts Center to assist the curator and exhibition artist with the installation of the Genghis Khan Exhibition Tour. During the final two years of his Bachelor’s degree, Charles worked as Production Assistant for the Turtle Creek Chorale, stage managing eight choral concerts and two large musicals with casts of more than 200 artists, as well as supporting various other events for the chorus.

After graduation, Charles worked for two years at the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs as Performing Arts Coordinator for the Bath House Cultural Center. It was his responsibility to plan, coordinate and facilitate an entire season’s content, including the Festival of Independent Theatres, which is held annually at the Bath House Cultural Center. Beyond his role as Performing Arts Coordinator, he worked as Technical Director, Stage Manager and Light & Sound Designer at the cultural center. He also had the privilege to work on special projects within the City of Dallas, including coordinating and stage managing the Mayoral and City Council Inauguration in 2015.

Working directly with artists in the municipality, Charles became aware of artists’ needs and their impact on the community, and began to look for ways to better assist them. When he learned of the International Arts Management program, Charles knew that this would provide him with the necessary skills to better serve artists and arts organizations.

Michelle Dalma

Michelle Dalma…from Mexico City, Mexico

Michelle Dalma was born and raised in Mexico City. She started ballet dancing when she was 4 and hasn’t stopped since. Her curiosity and passion for the arts, other cultures and languages led her to earn an undergraduate degree in Modern Languages and Arts Management from Anahuac University in Mexico City.

Her professional experience has been mainly in public relations , marketing and social media at the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico City and Urbanity Dance, a contemporary dance company located in Boston, MA. In her free time she loves to travel and write, which she hopes to be able to do professionally in the future.

When she learned about the International Arts Management program, Michelle decided immediately that it was for her , knowing that it would give her the tools she needed to expand the knowledge she had acquired and take it a step further by learning to apply it and bring about positive changes to the world through art.

Diandian Gu

Diandian Gu…from Shanghai, China

Dian was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Encouraged by her mother, who was then a music teacher, she started playing the piano when she was 4. In her teenage years, she studied acting and literature, and has always been immersed in the arts world.

Dian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Management and theater from Shanghai Theatre Academy during which she spent one year at University of Leeds in the U.K., as an exchange student, where she majored in performance and the cultural industry. During her degree, she spent more than three years abroad studying, traveling and working, to explore performing arts around the world and to experience the diversity of cultures. She is dedicated to communicating art and promoting cultural exchanges.

She worked as international guest coordinator of the Denmark April Festival in 2013, the biggest children’s theater festival, where she was in charge of international guests and facilitating partnerships between the Festival and Chinese organizations. In 2014, she worked as communication specialist at the Shanghai Performing Arts Fair, as a part of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, inviting overseas arts organizations to Shanghai.

After her internship at Canada’s National Arts Centre in 2015, she is now devoting her energy to the classical music field. Working with the orchestra and musicians has increased her love for this world even more.

Though the MMIAM program, Dian wants to broaden her musical knowledge, specifically with respect to the role music plays in different cultures, as well as managing the music industry.

Elahe Marjovi

Elahe Marjovi…from Tehran, Iran

Born and raised in Tehran, Elahe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from University of Shahid Beheshti in Iran. She completed her Master of Fine Arts in Scenography (Theatre Design) in 2012 at University of Kansas. While at school, she received the Kennedy Center American College Theater (KCACTF) national award in design excellence for All my Sons which was later taken to Shanghai Theatre Festival, as well.

After graduation, she worked for one year as assistant set designer for Tony Walton and David Galo on several Broadway shows in NYC. She returned to Iran in 2013 and worked as a free-lance set and costume designer while teaching as invited professor in Scenic Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Tehran. That same year, her design for Macbeth got nominated for the best scenic design at the Fadjr International Festival in Iran.

She moved to Montréal in summer 2014 and has worked professionally as a set and costume designer since. Her most recent works include designing costumes for State of Denial, a Teesri Duniya production at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, and assisting set and costume design for December Man, a National Arts Centre production in Ottawa, as well as designing set and costumes for She said/ He said, a Black Theatre Workshop production at MAI in Montréal.

As an artist who has worked internationally, Elahe is looking forward to merging her artistic visions with international business skills in the MMIAM program. She wants to move her career forward and, on the larger scale, build multicultural understanding and dialogue in communities where she lives.


Linda Pitt

Linda Pitt…from Perth, Australia

Linda Pitt was born in Perth, Australia and raised internationally, moving to Cape Town, South Africa, to Henley-on-Thames, UK, then back to Perth, and finally to Vancouver, Canada where she has lived for the last 10 years (a record!). At age 5, after deciding she didn’t like all the rules in ballet class she discovered theater and promptly fell in love, taking on roles such as head mouse in The Wiz and Moth in A Midsummer NIght’s Dream. She obtained a BFA in Theatre Performance from Simon Fraser University where she focused on acting, devising and directing. Before beginning the MMIAM program, Linda wore many hats; recent projects include performing in Hoof (Elysse Cheadle) at the Vancouver Fringe, production managing Annapurna (Christy Webb Productions), devising and performing in Grey Space for Live at the Bolt: Back Away Slowly (Theatre Replacement & Resounding Scream Theatre) and assistant directing Blasted (Pi Theatre). She was The Frank Theatre Company’s inaugural Operations Manager and Associate Producer at Pi Theatre. She is also Co-Artistic Director of Resounding Scream Theatre, an emerging theatre company founded by fellow SFU grads. She is passionate about combining sound organizational management, artistic risk and experimentation.

Martina Rimoldi

Martina Rimoldi…from Milano, Italy

Born and raised in Italy, Martina has a life-long passion for the visual arts. During high school, she developed her skills in painting and sculpture, as well as a strong understanding of art history. She then earned a B.Sc. in Arts Management at Bocconi University, which gave her the opportunity to understand the business and managerial side of the arts. After a course in Gallery Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in NYC, she went on to pursue a double Master’s degree: Arts Management and Markets at Bocconi and the MMIAM (International Arts Management).

During her university studies, she worked for an artistic collective, Kokoschka Revival, taking care of all their managerial needs. She developed successful fundraising strategies for them and organized their tours. In addition, she worked for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, where she interned during the summer of 2016.

Martina is interested in pursuing a career in the art market, a globalized, fast-paced industry. The MMIAM program is providing her with the right international exposure and comparative approach needed to face the challenges of working in this field.

For more information, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Arianna Sikorski

Arianna Sikorski…from Soldotna (AK), USA

Born and raised in Alaska, Arianna Sikorski is a Cultural Events Producer and Consultant with over 10 years’ experience in production, program and event management for the arts and culture community of Los Angeles. She has worked for Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO), Community Arts Resources (CARS) and their large events such as CicLAvia and Getty Family Festivals, and was the Program Coordinator and Budget/Business Technician for the Arts Journalism Programs at the University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism for over six years managing the department’s various fellowships, projects, summits and grants. She holds a B.A. in Communication from USC Annenberg, is an alumna of the Institute for Shipboard Education’s Semester at Sea program, and graduated from the Idyllwild Arts Academy in Technical Theatre.

In addition to her professional and academic pursuits, she is also a poet, artist, and avid international traveler. Most recently, she spent over two years traveling solo through New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and South America, often participating in the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) program. During her travels she completed a poetry series entitled, “Rangiora Released,” inspired by the natural environments in New Zealand, and has had several art pieces selected for group exhibitions at the Pico House Gallery and Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Los Angeles.

For her master’s thesis, she is pursuing the topic of food as a cultural heritage and art form, by examining its role and impact on international cultural exchange and understanding. She was inspired to research this topic further after developing “Taste My Culture,” a term she coined to represent the culinary experimentation and exploration she has encountered across the globe with a 100+ year-old Alaskan sourdough starter from her childhood. The sourdough has taken on an international life of its own, from creating Chilean empanadas to underground geothermal baking in Iceland, and will continue its evolution throughout the program.

When not studying, writing, painting or traveling, you may find Arianna salsa dancing, wine tasting (or actually pruning in a vineyard), watching the latest 3D animation film, and/or reminiscing about her New Zealand nature highs and organic farming love.

For more information, visit her personal website or LinkedIn profile.

Jiyue Yuan (Viahsta)

Viahsta Yuan…from Beijing, China

Viahsta Yuan was born and raised in Beijing, China. She has interned in art galleries and artists’ studios since high school, mainly working as a curator’s assistant, editor and translator. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Management from University of British Columbia, and moved to Vancouver to cofound her online education start-up venture, which was supported by [email protected] She then moved to Wavefront, an incubator funded by the city of Vancouver. She went on to earn a certificate in UI/UX design, and worked as marketing director and front-end developer later in her career.

In 2016, she decided to return to her primary field of interest, and pursue her Master’s degree in International Arts Management with a focus on visual and contemporary arts. Her international experience sparked a special interest in the phenomenon of cultural hybridity and cross-culture communication. She is also eager to examine the ways in which advanced technology can be integrated into the arts in a creative way to improve consumers’ cultural experiences. With her business management background, she hopes to have a positive impact on the arts and cultural community, and promote sustainable development of cultural organizations.

For more information, please visit her LinkedIn profile.