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Musician playing for kids in an aquarium in Portugal

A Glimpse into Academic Research


Did you know that one of the facets of motivation to go to the theater, or rejection of this form of leisure, lies in finding the reasons why a person is interested in this art form or not? A number of studies have shown that a taste for theater is formed in a person’s youth. …

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From Master to Doctor—Continuing Education After the MMIAM

A MMIAM Journey Interview with Chloé Vanasse

Chloé Vanasse is a 2020 graduate of the MMIAM program and is currently in the middle of a PhD at HEC Montréal. She and Brittany spoke about the process of continuing education after the MMIAM program and her motivation to continue studying. Let’s start where I always begin: are you an artist? What drew you …

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What Comes First? Exploring Intersections and Forging Your Own Path

An Interview with Fatou Alhya Diagne

Fatou Alhya Diagne is an MMIAM alumna based in Milan, Italy. She is currently a Program Manager for the Moleskine Foundation. A third culture person, Fatou describes herself as having a twenty-first-century globalized toolkit of strategies and perspectives for solving complex arts and cultural challenges. Enjoy this interview between Fatou and Brittany Johnson, editor of …

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“Once a MMIAM, always a MMIAM!”

A MMIAM Journey Interview with Anne-Marie Panneton

For MMIAM students and graduates, Anne-Marie is an indispensable resource; answering questions before the program begins, ensuring that students have the proper visas and paperwork before traveling, that students are reimbursed in a timely manner, lending support throughout the completion of the program and beyond. Anne-Marie has been with the program since its inception. Keep …

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