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How Status Affects the Unconventionality of Opera Repertoires

Conflicting Criteria for Status Distinction, Aesthetic Conventionality and Repertoire Nonconformity in Italian Opera (Abridged)

Status is defined as “an organization’s position in the social system that can be ranked among other positions based on its relative prestige or social esteem” (Jensen et al. 2011, 87). It serves as the leading explanation for an organization’s tendency to conform or distinguish itself in a given field. The position occupied by an …

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Abruzzo Associates Releases New Data on Performing Arts Center CEO Executive Compensation Reductions in the Wake of Covid-19

James Abruzzo, a member of MMIAM’s International Advisory Committee, and Jessica Drymer, a 2020 MMIAM graduate, have been working together at Abruzzo Associates since September. James is Global Head of DHR International’s Global Nonprofit Practice as well as the founder and President of Abruzzo Associates, a consulting company specializing in compensation studies and contract negotiations …

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Adapting to Coronavirus in the Arts

An Interview with Courtney Kenyon

Courtney has experience in arts across the board, but fell in love with theatre at a young age. She was a longtime stage manager, music educator, and one time bailiff before she joined the MMIAM program to expand her horizons in the theatre world. She graduated in 2019 with the 6th cohort and is now …

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Arts Entrepreneurship Is More Important Now Than Ever

An Interview with Greg Poggi

Greg Poggi is the Chair and Visiting Professor in Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU Meadows School of the Arts. He oversees the M.A./M.B.A. (MAMBA) in Arts Management, the Arts Management Undergraduate Minor, and is the new director of the MMIAM program in Dallas at SMU. What is your background in the art and …

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