• You want to build an international career in arts and cultural management.
  • You want to broaden your horizons during your studies by immersing yourself in three different cultures.
  • You have set your goals high and are confident of your potential for leadership.
  • You want to learn from the top professors in arts management.
  • You speak English.
  • You have a BA or BFA or work experience in the cultural field.
  • You want to be part of an international network of people who share your passion for the arts.

The IM is designed for those with an undergraduate arts degree and those who are frontline cultural managers (tour managers, managers of travelling exhibitions, heads of film co-productions, international marketing managers, artist managers).

The IM offers you

  • high-calibre international training that draws on the expertise of three of the world’s top-ranked universities in the area of cultural management, geared for a select clientele interested in working in a global context in the performing arts, museums, film, sound recording, publishing or the media
  • assistance with locating a strategic position within a cultural organization
  • a bridge to doctoral studies in marketing and management of the arts and cultural industries

Here is what alumni had to say about their experience:

Laura Adlers

“Thank you to the MMIAM team – the professors and administrators of this new and exciting program, and my dear friends and colleagues with whom I have learned and grown so much this past year.” Laura Adlers, ’15


Marie Bobin

“I would not be here [at the Skirball Cultural Center’s public programs department] without the MMIAM program. Thank you so much for having given us the tools to access a world of new professional opportunities.” Marie Bobin, ’14


Frances Craven

“The most incredible year has now come to an end. The people I have met and the places that I’ve been has made this year one I will never forget. Thank you to everyone from the MMIAM team and my friends and family for all their support that has got me through this year.” Frances Craven, ’15


Derek Stevenson

“I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to do this program, and study in Dallas, Montréal, Bogotá, and Milan. (…)Thank you everyone who made this experience so incredible” Derek Stevenson, ’15


Amanda Vojvodin

“A year ago today I was about to begin this incredible, crazy and exciting journey into the ‪MMIAM‬ program. A year later I have all of you to thank for your support that helped get me here today!” Amanda Vojvodin, ’15


John Wells

“It’s hard to put in a post how much this past year has meant (…). I saw some amazing places, and it was always in great company. Now we share in the memories. I will miss you all!” John Wells, ’15


See also their video testimonials.